We working towards enabling underprivileged with disadvantaged background in India,  with the discarded PET bottles and solar energy based solutions.

We are working with slums, villages and tribal areas and empowering people with our low- cost, environment friendly energy solutions and creating opportunities in their lives to be more productive and happy.

Our organisation is run by volunteers. Please let's know if you want to volunteer telling about your location, skillset and how you want to contribute.

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We are Official partner & representative of A Liter Of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag) in India. 

We are run under an initiative of AROHA, which is a registered trust in Bengaluru, India.

(Registration No: INR-4-00818-2014-15).

We are 12A and 80G approved.





Light. Ignite. Facilitate. Empower.


To enable underprivileged people to overcome their current limiting environment. 


Our preferred tool to accomplish this is enabling their dwellings and environment with eco-friendly and low cost energy solutions, so that the beneficiaries can explore more possibilities in their lives.

As an initiative of AROHA we implement Liter of Light projects. AROHA is about people. Our mission is to empower communities in disadvantaged areas where their life is limited because of lack of light.

We do it through using simple solutions using solar energy and low cost, discarded and recycled material like PET bottles and PVC pipes.

We believe that by bringing lights to these communities, we add hours to the lives of the people. These extra hours can be used in terms increased productivity, improved security, better health and sanitation, children education , family and community bonding many other innovative ways which they discover on their own .

To take our work to the next level, we will need help and support from the like minded people and institutes. The help could be in terms of funds, volunteers, moral support and by spreading the word. . 


T: +91 8317332276

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